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Our bots download, score, and process data from your posts and your competition to create the most successful social media strategy.


Don't know what to post? We provide content ideas every day based on your existing data to create more engaging posts.


Our platform acts as a virtual assistant that reminds you to create posts and keeps you on track with your personalized strategy.


We automatically pull data from your social media to optimize your schedule every two weeks and provide reporting.

What if I told you that you don’t need an MBA or pricey consultant to develop a successful marketing strategy?

Project MAiA is an Advanced, Machine Learning system that analyzes your business, industry, and competition. It provides you with a comprehensive marketing strategy, and then guides you through each step.

Our A.I. technology creates a blueprint with exactly what you need to do to grow your business.

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Everyone from micro businesses to large enterprises are trying to figure out what they should be doing with Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Newsletters, SEO, and more. Our A.I. technology answers those questions and updates your strategic recommendations each week based on the previous week’s performance.

Founded by a team of marketers, developers, consultants and advisors, the technology behind Project MAiA is the first of its kind. We created Project MAiA because we have a passion for helping organizations of all sizes use digital media to succeed and grow.

In order to ensure quality while we scale, we are only opening early access to a few organizations at a time. Please register early to secure your place on the list.



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Our vision for Project Maia is to become the only tool you need to market your business.

Currently, there are many marketing tools you can choose. Tools to make marketing easier by scheduling in advance or reusing existing content. Tools that help you make incremental improvements to ad campaigns on specific platforms.

None of these tools help business owners to understand what they should be doing and what platforms they should be using.

Our vision is to create a tool that analyzes the entire spectrum of your digital marketing options and advises you on what messaging, what frequency, and what platforms you should be utilizing. We then go a step further by reminding you to stay on schedule and then optimizing your marketing based on each months performance.

This is not a simple goal and our roll out will be broken up into phases.

Where We Are Now

Phase 1: Social Media Calendars

Our initial implementation of Project Maia includes the ability to analyze the Facebook posts for you and your competitors, and then create a social media calendar which includes advice on frequency of posting, post topics, and post platforms.

Phase 2 (est. launch in 6 - 9 months): SEO & PPC

While phase 1 will focus on organic marketing, phase 2 will bring proactive search engine optimization suggestions as well as pay per click guidance. This will help to round out the offering and augment the organic social media posting that is in place from Phase 1.

Phase 3: Integrate suggestions for influencer marketing, content marketing & more.

The ultimate goal being that Project Maia will be able to analyze your complete marketing picture and advise on all aspects of what you need at specific times based on opportunity, current positioning and past performance.